Using BrightstarDB Under Mono

This section covers how to use the BrightstarDB libraries and server in a Mono environment as well as how to build BrightstarDB from source using Mono.


The use of BrightstarDB under Mono should be considered to be in alpha status. It is certainly not yet ready for production use.

We would welcome any bug reports and especially reproducible errors in BrightstarDB under Mono to help us improve the stability of the code on this platform.

Using BrightstarDB Libraries

The best way to use BrightstarDB libraries in your Mono application is to retrieve the packages via NuGet. There are details about using NuGet under mono in the NuGet FAQ.

The .NET 4.0 version of BrightstarDB should work correctly under the latest version of Mono (3.2.4 at the time of writing). It will probably not work under older versions of Mono.

Building From Source

You can also build the core BrightstarDB libraries under Mono. Refer to Getting The Source for information about getting hold of BrighstarDB source code.


You will need to build from the source code for release 1.5 or from the develop branch in order to have the Mono build scripts.

The build scripts for mono are contained in the mono directory at the top level of the project. The build scripts use NuGet to retrieve dependency package and a version of NuGet.exe is included in the BrightstarDB repository to assist in that. However, NuGet requires some SSL certificates to be registered otherwise download will fail. Before trying to build under Linux please execute the following commands:

sudo mozroots --import --machine --sync
sudo certmgr -ssl -m
sudo certmgr -ssl -m
sudo certmgr -ssl -m

Once this is completed, it should be possible to build BrightstarDB simply by executing the script from within the mono directory. The resulting binaries can then be found in mono/build. At the time of writing the build script builds the following items:

  • BrightstarDB.dll : the core BrightstarDB library
  • BrightstarDB.Server.Modules.dll: the core BrightstarDB server library
  • service : a directory containing the BrightstarDB server runner and all of its dependencies

Running a BrightstarDB Server


Assuming that you have built BrightstarDB from source as described above, the server can be run from within mono/build/service.


Before you run the service for the first time you must edit the BrightstarService.exe.config file in mono/build/service as this file is copied out of the Windows build and so contains DOS path names. You need to edit the path for the log file (in the system.diagnostics section) and the storesDirectory path in the connection string specified in the brightstarService section.

To start the server simply run the following:

mono BrightstarService.exe

The service will start listening on port 8090 at the path /brightstar. So from a local machine you can access the service from a browser pointed at http://localhost:8090/brightstar.

TBD: Document how to run the BrightstarDB server in Apache using mod_mono

TBD: Document how to secure the BrightstarDB server under Mono

Unit Tests

The unit tests for Mono can be run using the script in to mono directory. At present these tests do not successfully run to completion, but this is being worked on.